Friday, October 8, 2010

Reviews & Features of Occultations by David Wolach

Reviewed at Tarpaulin Sky 

Featured at PhillySound (interview by CA Conrad & reviews by Rob Halpern Brenda Iijima, J. Townsend, Thom Donovan, & Jules Boykoff

Reviewed by Kevin Killian for Third Factory's Attention Span 2010 

Reviewed by Mark Wallace at ThinkingAgain 

Review/Interview at The Dialogue's End  (with/by Emily Carr)

Interview & Reading for The Joe Milford Show (audio)

Featured at (the former) Harriet Blog 

Reviewed by Susan Smith Nash in PRESS 1

Reviewed by Susana Gardner for Third Factory/Notes To Poetry: Attention Span 2010

Featured at Big Other 

Featured at Daily S-Press 

Reviewed by J. Townsend at Con/Crescent 

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